Correct Your Bite First. Get Your Winning Smile Faster.

When you’re considering orthodontic treatment, you usually think mainly about straightening your teeth. And that makes sense. Straight teeth are essential to a brilliant smile.

But fixing your bite is just as important and doing it first makes treatment simpler and dramatically faster!

Carriere Motion 3D Colors

Carriere Motion 3D Corrects Your Bite First.

Fits Your Busy Life.

  • No Surgery.
  • No Extractions.
  • No Ugly, Uncomfortable Bite Correctors.

Then Choose Aligners or Braces for Simpler, Faster Teeth Straightening.

Which Colors Moves You?
Or pick Motion Clear. Hardly anyone will notice!

Why Fixing Your Bite Matters. A bite that’s off can actually have a lot of do with why your teeth are out of alignment in the first place. A bad bite can also negatively affect your facial balance. And facial balance is one of the hallmarks of attractiveness and confidence. Plus, misaligned jaws can make eating, speech, breathing and sleep more difficult and can make your jaw joints pop and hurt.

Kick Start Your New Smile in 3 to 4 Months. Carriere Motion 3D Clear is a simple way of treating your bite. It’s used at the beginning of treatment—before teeth straightening—so all you’ll have in your mouth for the first 3 to 4 months is this small, comfortable appliance.

Motion 3D Transforms Your Smile, Your Life.

Here’s How it Works.

The gentle action of the elastic (which you remove to eat) aligns your jaws and moves certain teeth into a better position so that the teeth straightening phase will be more direct and much faster.

  • Motion fastens to two teeth on one arch with a special dental glue.
  • A short elastic, hooked to a tube or button on the opposite jaw, is run between the jaws.
Carriere Motion 3D

No Surgery. No Extractions. No Bulky Devices. Motion minimizes the need for bite correcting surgeries and extractions and eliminates ugly, bulky bite correctors. Those can easily break, causing the inconvenience of time-consuming emergency appointments. Plus, Motion shortens overall treatment time dramatically. Most teems today have the smile they’ve dreamed about in one year. 

Your Choice: Teeth Straightening with Aligners or Braces. After Motion 3D corrects your bite, you can decide whether to finish treatment with aligners or braces.

*If you want colored rubber bands, they can be attached to SLX brackets so they don’t affect the archwire late in treatment.

Start Immediately. No Waiting.

Decide About Aligners or Braces Now or Later.

If you’re ready to start treatment the first day you visit the orthodontist, Motion can be bonded immediately. If you then decide to finish treatment with aligners, you can be scanned at any time for ordering them. Or you and your orthodontist can wait until later to make the decision about what the best option is for finishing your treatment. Your perfect selfie smile is easier and faster than ever.

Think What Your Smile Could Look Like in One Year.

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