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Treatment Process

The Carriere® Philosophy is a treatment planning concept that focuses on facial esthetics and harmony, which are the critical foundation for diagnosis. The Carriere treatment approach is a face-driven treatment planning that takes into consideration facial aesthetic, skeletal requirements, (including the airway)  and dental harmony.

Traditionally, orthodontic treatment’s primary goal was to straighten teeth and achieve a proper bite. This may fail to address not only facial abnormalities but very often can negatively impact a patient’s appearance.  A good example is how teeth are pulled back toward the face or “retracted,” taking a toll on facial aesthetics and balance, over time.  Face-driven treatment planning is unique in that the face and the smile are considered as a whole.  Tooth movement and facial movement are both projected, resulting in the best overall result for the patient.

The Carriere Treatment Approach also focuses on the long terms outcome. Rather than just treating patients with the goal of achieving a beautiful smile in one year, it also takes into consideration how a patient will look overall in 30 years.

The Carriere Philosophy is the combination of the Motion 3D® Appliance, used prior placing braces, followed by ultra-light, low-force, self-ligating passive braces and force-calibrated archwires.  Together it provides a minimally invasive treatment protocol that works as a low-force, low-friction system, in a very effective sequence and progression.  Motion 3D minimizes the need for bite correcting surgeries and extractions and eliminates ugly, bulky bite correctors. Those can easily break, causing the inconvenience of time-consuming emergency appointments. Plus, Motion 3D shortens overall treatment time dramatically. Most teens today have the smile they’ve dreamed about in just one year.

What is the Motion 3D Appliance?

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What are self-ligating braces?

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